Vadict Features

Vadict system works on new and innovative concept of IOT and cloud technology. It brings live display of useful and important information in the form of KPI Dashboards, reports, trends/graphs, on user’s PC, tablets and mobile.


Vadict Cloud Platform: 

Securely combine, co-relate, analyze, benchmark data in near real time from multiple data streams – Operational interfaces (DCS, PLC, Field Instruments, IT and management information systems (ERP, HRMS etc.), and Contextual data (Weather, Forex, Global Events). It can be also configured with machine learning algorithms in which data are continuously enriched and predictive behavior is forecasted as output to enable smart decisions. Real time alerts are also delivered based on configurable parameters.


Vadict Industrial IoT Gateway: 

Securely converts geographically scattered and diverse assets(Plants/Equipments/Sensors etc.)
of an organization/company to digital data streams that can be multi-plexed to on-premise or cloud
platforms in near real time. It offers latest in connectivity options (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular,
LoRAWAN, Zigbee) with flexibility for sophisticated configurations to cover any digitization need.



Vadict Business Solutions

Ready to use business solutions(web/mobile) for major industry verticals leveraging latest technologies trends in IoT, Smart Sensing, Data Science, Data Security, Cloud Computing. This is built on top of Vadict Cloud Platform, and can be extended easily to meet custom needs. Vadict can provide business solutions to industries by providing near real time information on key performance indicators and parameters of company business in diversified areas like energy efficiency, environment, sustainability, operation, machine learning etc. and enable smart decisions.