Sustainability Solution: 


Executives get real time global view of Sustainability KPIs like Energy Intensity, Green house gases, Electricity   consumption, Waste water generated, Treated waste water, Solid waste generated,Energy(Fuel) saved due     to use of solar plant, reduction in GHG emission etc. The KPIs can be tracked against  specific targets.             Targets can be set by management at plant/equipment level and rolled up to Corporate level. The KPIs can      be drilled down to site/plant/equipment/device level.


   At plant level Managers can track the sustainability goals for their sites using detailed real-time information. Additionally, They can also run reports various analytical reports to make scientific decision  making. They can also take help of remote experts by sharing the real time and historic information thereby reducing downtime.


Marginal Oil-field Solution: 


This solution provides multiple dashboards catering to different audience. Executive Dashboard provides summary of organization KPIs like Total Oil/Gas production, Down times, Losses and fields status on executive PC or mobile and update him all the time, any place.


Site Operations Dashboard provides live information of KPIs like oil & gas production, production/flaring loss, total downtime etc. This enables quick and effective decisions and actions. Vadict connects geographically scattered multiple oil fields with subject matter experts at one location and enable them to evaluate live data, records remotely


Analytical Dashboard allows engineers to analyze and benchmark historical and live data of different parameters and enhance their capability for monitoring and optimization of operation. They can also get the data in any form they want like trends, graphs, tables etc.


GRI Reporting Solution:



  Vadict GRI Solution can be configured to meet any organization’s GRI standards’ reporting needs. This             allows   real-time view of entire organization’s resource usage presented in the standardized GRI format.         Vadict IoT   Platform saves considerable time and effort that goes into collecting, and co-relating the input       data; by digitizing and automating the data capture process. It enables Energy Management/Audit service       providers  to deliver value to their customers with fast turn-around; and cost-effectively.



Solar Thermal Solution: 


Vadict Solar Thermal solution can be used to monitor KPIs for the plant performance like Total Heat dispatched, Efficiency of the solar panel arrays, ROI, CO2 Emission Savings. The solution enables additional intelligence by co-relating contextual data like wind-velocity and ambient temperature